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Pakoras Gluten freeVegetarianVegan

Bite sized pieces of mixed vegetables, crisp fried in chickpea flour b...

Samosa VegetarianVegan

Potato & peas wrapped in light pastry served with chickpeas
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Kulcha Naan VegetarianVegan

Stuffed naan
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Crispy Coconut Prawns Gluten free

Aloo Ki Tikki Vegetarian

Potato patties filled with cheese, dipped in tamarind, yogurt served with...
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Paneer Pakoras Gluten freeVegetarian

Crisp Fried Cheese nuggets with chutneys
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Chicken Nuggets Gluten free

Tandoori Chicken breast Nuggets crisp with chutneys & hot sause, yam f...
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Tandoori Jollypops Gluten free

Stuffed Chicken with paneer, yam fries on the side
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Rasam Gluten freeVegan

Lentil soup with vegetables
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Amritsari Fish Gluten free

Lightly battered basa crisp pan fried. Served with coriander yoghurt chutney,...
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Chicken Tikka Spring Salad